The Spa Ceylon Story

From the teardrop isle of Ceylon, an exotic paradise nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, comes natural well-being rituals drawn from holistic practices of age-old wisdom, deep rooted in the culture of the island.

Derived from royal relaxation, rejuvenation and healing rituals of Ayurveda, practiced in the grand palaces of Ceylon, comes the range of treasured formulae and rituals from Spa Ceylon, to hydrate, treat, purify and soothe your body, mind and soul.

Spa Ceylon combines Ayurveda wisdom, fine natural ingredients & contemporary design to bring you the ultimate in Ayurveda luxury - for health, well-being & relaxation. The range includes treatment oils, massage balms, massage and bath oils, essential oils, cleansing bars, exfoliating bars, shower gels, body scrubs, body pacs, milk baths, body lotions, moisturizing balms, body mist, soothing balms, foot care and herbal compress.

The Spa Ceylon range of Ayurveda luxuries is the result of nearly 50 years of expertise in the field of natural health & beauty products from the pioneer in modern Ayurveda beauty care in Sri Lanka.

Aiming to offer our customers a lifestyle of indulgence & total natural wellness, Spa Ceylon offers the highest quality Ayurveda services through its design, innovation, professional retail staff and worldwide distributors.

Spa Ceylon products are formulated only with the finest natural ingredients, including organic essential oils from our tropical island home, organically grown sun kissed fresh Aloe Vera, therapeutically proven pure extra virgin coconut oil, mineral rich Indian Ocean salts & fabled Ceylon spices.

Our precise production & quality assurance procedures incorporate traditional herbal prescriptives with modern dermatological science, to protect & deliver the god-given herbal benefits of our all-natural ingredients in our high performance formulae.

Spa Ceylon promotes environmentally-friendly products, supports human rights, and is against the use of child labour and animal testing. All products are alcohol free & contain no ingredients of animal origin.

Spa Ceylon is committed to maintaining close working relationships with all of its distributors offering services ranging from retail store design, customized marketing plan and strategy to achieve the perfect mix of luxury retail distribution worldwide.

Community Trade Aloe Vera

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda - Sri Lanka's premier luxury spa brand - is carrying out a special campaign all through June 2011 to promote awareness about their Community Trade Organic Fresh Aloe Vera program in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. They are also giving away free Aloe Vera plants (packed in bio-degradable coir peat pots) with Spa Ceylon purchases of a specified value - including at least one product containing Aloe Vera.

Spa Ceylon is actively involved in supporting rural communities in Sri Lanka through several community trade projects including the 'fresh aloe program' now in operation in the arid Kalpitiya zone on the island's north western coast. Set up in collaboration with the marine & coastal resources conservation foundation, it is perhaps the only organized large scale organic cultivation of Aloe Vera in the country. The project enables the harvesting of sustainably grown fresh Aloe Vera, an important ingredient in the manufacture of Spa Ceylon's Ayurveda formulations.

Renowned for its powerful soothing, healing & re-hydrant properties, Aloe Vera is believed to have been an essential part of local health & well-being rituals since the times of the ancient Ceylonese royals. Inspired by these ancient royal practices & centuries old Ayurveda wisdom, Spa Ceylon has developed a complete range of aloe based products enriched with 100% pure organically grown fresh Aloe Vera gel - sourced entirely from their community trade project.

The Aloe Vera range includes bath & massage oils, massage balms, shower gels, cleansing bars, hair cleansers & conditioners, scalp massage oils & hair oil mists, body oil mists, relaxing body mists & the highly concentrated Spa Ceylon Pure Aloe Gel - the panacea for every skin condition.

The owning company of Spa Ceylon supports the rural community in Kalpitiya initially by helping to start the project & thereafter by continuously purchasing their entire fresh Aloe Vera harvest at guaranteed prices. This not only provides much needed year-round alternative incomes to the village communities, it also helps to keep the fisher folk occupied during the off-season - keeping them away from coral mining in the endangered reefs in the area. Therefore this project helps the community financially & also helps preserve Sri Lanka's precious marine & coastal resources.

Spa Ceylon invites environmentally & socially conscientious persons to support these community trade programs by purchasing their aloe vera enriched products & taking home an organic Aloe Vera plant for their home garden. ALOE VERA plants are free with every Rs. 2500/- worth of products from Spa Ceylon at Park Street Mews, Crescat, & all Paradise Road outlets in Colombo.

In Harmony with Nature


Using 100% vegetarian ingredients in the processing and finished product, we use no animal extracts or fats or ingredients of animal origin. Additionally, our products have not been, and have never been, tested on animals.


Promoting the scent of nature, our products are made using only fresh pure herbs and the purest of organic essential oils and natural oils. No alcohol or alcohol based synthetics, genetically modified ingredients or petrochemicals are used in our products.


Through the use of sustainable grown and harvested herbs in our products, our formulae are fully bio-degradable & uniquely favorable to the environment. Additionally, all our packaging is recyclable and we encourage our consumers to dispose them responsibly.


Most of our product formulations are naturally preserved by the active herbal ingredients contained in the product. Where required, we sometimes use approved mild preservatives to protect the natural goodness of our ingredients. Spa Ceylon formulations no longer contain parabens or other similar harsh preservatives.


All Spa Ceylon products are free from ethyl alcohol, surgical spirits & other harsh alcoholic substances – which have the potential to dry & damage skin, resulting in open skin pores & premature ageing. Alcohol is also not an acceptable ingredient for our Islamic guests.


Spa Ceylon products only use natural fruit & vegetable oils, bees wax, soya wax & olive waxes which are rich in natural goodness. All Spa Ceylon products are 100% free from petro-chemical ingredients such paraffin oil, paraffin wax & petroleum jelly – which have the potential to clog pores & disrupt the natural balance of the skin & hair.


All Spa Ceylon products are free of animal fats, animal marrow, animal extract gelatins, milks & all ingredients of animal original origin.


All Spa Ceylon products are clinically tested for product safety & performance using human volunteers as well as laboratory testing methods. All products are also scientifically proven to contain all the natural ingredients listed in the packaging.


All Spa Ceylon products are clinically tested for product safety & performance using human volunteers as well as laboratory testing methods. All products are also scientifically proven to contain all the natural ingredients listed in the packaging.

Help Save The Ceylon Elephant

The majestic Ceylon Elephant is under threat of extinction, due to loss of its natural habitat – from smaller unplanned chena cultivations as well as major agricultural & development projects. The resultant human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka is unfortunately taking a toll on the elephant population while also affecting the livelihoods of families living adjacent to the traditional forest habitats of the majestic Ceylon Elephant.

Spa Ceylon also invites socially conscious persons & wildlife activists to join their campaign to help save the majestic Ceylon Elephant by becoming a fan at or & also participating in conservation events in Sri Lanka starting January 2012.

The Save The Majestic Ceylon Elephant products are now available at all Spa Ceylon locations as well as all Paradise Road outlets, Barefoot Colombo & Galle Fort as well as at selected resort hotels. With its planned overseas expansion in 2012 to India & Singapore, Spa Ceylon expects to retail these products at their overseas locations as well, further expanding the project at an international level.

The overall Spa Ceylon brand captures the romance of old Ceylon combined with ancient Ayurveda wisdom to create their range of majestic royal spa rituals & luxury product formulae designed to soothe, calm & relax the body, mind & soul. The complete range comprises of prestige skin, body, bath, scalp & hair care To kick-off the campaign, Spa Ceylon has created an exclusive range of Save The Majestic Ceylon Elephant themed bath, body & home aroma products with the forest trail aroma - a fresh & invigorating blend of fragrant essential oils inspired by the natural forest habitat of the majestic Ceylon Elephant. The aromatic forest trail blend is enriched with essential oils of organic lemongrass, eucalyptus & patchouli to help take away stress, pure peppermint to cool & spearmint to promote a sense of joy, while cedarwood, vetiver & cardamom help uplift, refresh & invigorate. The formulae also include powerful Ayurveda actives working in harmony to soothe, calm & relax your body, mind & soul.

The Save The Majestic Ceylon Elephant range consists of nearly 50 items including bath & shower gel, hand & body lotion, hand wash, bath soak, body scrub, hair cleanser, hair conditioner, home fragrance oil blends, elephant shaped cleansing bars, luxury candles, home aroma diffusers, elephant shaped aroma incense, safari sets, home spa sets, aroma greeting cards, aroma stationary, aroma car fresheners, room aroma sachets & a collection of luxury gift sets with these formulae.

Therefore, as a special initiative, Spa Ceylon Luxury Ayurveda - Sri Lanka’s premiere spa lifestyle brand - has launched the Save The Majestic Ceylon Elephant Campaign – to help raise awareness about the plight of the Ceylon Elephant & also to help fund conservation projects to safeguard the majestic Ceylon Elephant.

As a socially conscientious brand, Spa Ceylon proudly donates 10% of their turnover from the sale of The Save The Majestic Ceylon Elephant range towards specific elephant conservation projects in Sri Lanka & invites conscientious persons to purchases these products & help support the cause.Preparations, oils, balms & portions, home aroma blends, candles, handmade stoneware & spa accessories.

The all-natural Spa Ceylon formulae are enriched with local herbs & mostly Ceylonese essential oils. They are presented in uniquely designed modern packaging inscribed with Sinhala script & adorned with Royal Kandyan insignia, giving these luxury Ayurveda products a contemporary Sri Lankan identity.

With all their products proudly made in Sri Lanka at their GMP certified modern production facility in the Kalutara district, Spa Ceylon offers rewarding livelihoods to rural youth & craftspeople in the area. Spa Ceylon strongly believes in supporting rural communities & is actively involved with community trade programs in Kalpitiya for organic Aloe Vera, Meerigama for handmade reed-ware & Panadura for woodcrafts.

Come join this unique campaign to help Save The Majestic Ceylon Elephant by purchasing this new range of products. It is wellness with a cause!